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It all started with a volunteer program in college. I've been lucky enough to travel to Tanzania twice. It is easy to confidently state that both trips are among the most amazing experiences of my life.


I'm so glad that we've been able to build great relationships with these communities while simultaneously creating meaningful projects. Without question, the biggest smiles and the purest happiness I've captured during my travels have been seen in Tanzania. Additionally, I found these experiences helped to positively shape my photography abilities in multiple ways.    




I had a chance to travel to Israel with my Dad in 2011. We were constantly amazed by the existence of multiple religions present throughout the country. Their conflicts throughout history might be cruel, but the humanity and heritage of each has been well preserved.  Each proud culture expresses itself in various ways through the actions and beliefs so tightly intertwined in their daily lives.  



Cuba is a place I've always wanted to explore since I watched the movie 'The Motorcycle Diaries' in college. I'm not sure if it's because of the mystery of communism or the impactful image of Che Guevara, but I knew I would visit one day.


Right before I finished graduate school, I was in an internship at a nonprofit organization.  My supervisor inspired and encouraged me to make this incredible trip happen.  I will always remember the day she showed me a book filled with Cuban photography as we listened to the soundtrack of "Beuna Vista Social Club" all afternoon.



Two years ago, I came to the United States for graduate school. I learned, I travelled, and I tried to captured the images of different ethnicities and social roles. 


From Florida to California, I passionately keep a journal of this diverse country through my photography.  




Taiwan is my home. This is not only where I grew up and shot my very first picture, but it's also the true reason for my passion.


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